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333 Albert St.



Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Medium-Rise Mixed-Use Residential


6 Storeys | 85 Units

Situated in a desirable fast-growing Northdale neighbourhood in Waterloo City between Albert Street and Batavia Place, 333 Albert is a new development that will connect two different streets, each with its own unique characteristics.

To the east and south of the subject property, the neighbourhood primarily consists of multiunit residential dwellings that range from low to high-rise buildings. Properties in the site's immediate vicinity are generally low-rise single-family homes with a few mid-rise developments.

The building is located on a busy, active, vibrant street with higher pedestrian and street traffic. It has extroverted characteristics, encouraging commercial uses, traffic, and connectivity.

Even with recent developments, Batavia street has remained a private, quieter street that conveys introverted characteristics. With lots of greenery, this cull-de-sac gives a peaceful and calming effect contrasting its neighbouring Albert Street to the west. Its houses and residential units are located at grade with private porches and patios maintaining a tranquil neighbourhood. The contrasting neighbour context of 333 Albert serves as this development's inspiration and theme. Ample amenity spaces, located at the grade and rooftop will be available for residents to enjoy.

The development is proposed to consist of a 6-storey mixed-use building comprised of 85 dwelling units. It is similar in scale and shapes to the surrounding mid-rise multiunit residential developments such as those on Lester Street, Sunview Street and the east side of Albert Street.
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