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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


High-Rise Mixed-Use Residential


25 Storeys | 260 Units

The design of 20 University is based on the theme and magnificence of Niagara Falls with the sun above. This proposed 25 storey building will have structured parking located at the north of the podium away from the tower. The development proposes commercial spaces along University and Regina Street frontages on the ground floor. The building will feature a pedestrian walkway, street patios, and landscaping around the perimeter of the building allowing pedestrians to easily interact with the commercial spaces and provide inviting appeal to the building along the ground floor of the development.

The podium level at the parking garage will have perforated screens that symbolized the rocky base, along with the white paneling of the mist with grey paneling representing rocks piercing through. Going up the tower, tapered balconies convey the turbulence of the mist. The white linear lines on the tower itself symbolize the power and magnificence of the falls. Above the top of the tower is the sun, that will be lit up at night identifying the building through out the area. Mesmerized by its beauty, 20 University conveys a powerful message about our willingness to use nature within its design.
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