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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


High-Rise Mixed-Use Residential


Three 25 Storeys | 591 Units

143 Columbia St. W proposes a dynamic development that offers ample pedestrian-focused promenade space, drawing users into the site by creating an inviting at grade space that prioritizes safety by strategically separating vehicular and pedestrian flows of movement. The features of this focused pedestrian promenade are provided by the negative space's design created through the strategic placement of three 25-storey buildings.

The building facades are articulated in such a way as to lead the eye up the façade of each building and across all three facades, creating a sequential composition representative of a tidal progression. Just as the massing of the buildings work in conjunction to define the promenade amenity space that draws people into the site, the three buildings also work in conjunction to draw the onlooker visually into the site. Commercial space with an adjacent patio area, a multi-use court, indoor amenity fronting the pedestrian promenade, and green space throughout offers tenants and visitors an abundance of site-level amenities to enjoy.
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